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Pershore History Society

Pershore History Society Meetings

are held on a regular basis at:





We are always looking for new members,

new material, visiting speakers or

presentations by members or non-members.

For more information please contact:

Edward Hird 01386 561342

Tony Wittenberg 01386 554318

Admission for non-members £2.00

Meetings held in:

The function Room, Pershore Football Club,

King George Way, Pershore at 7-30pm
on the first Thursday of each month.


Full list of meetings and content here

…… for some unknown reason nothing came of it. A few of those attending however, were unable to forget the idea, and so an approach was made to the British Association for Local History for help in the founding of such a Society. Some time later conversations between Marion Freeman and Win Summerton, who was then a Town Council member, prompted Win to approach the Town Clerk, who was enthusiastic about the idea suggesting that it would also be good to have a Heritage Centre as well as a History Society. After several meetings the Council offered the use of No.5a, Bridge Street, which was attached to the Town Council Offices. As a result a further notice was placed in the Journal.

A second meeting was held under the leadership of the Town Mayor Shirley Newman, and the Town Clerk, with Arthur Fryer, the curator of Evesham Almonry Museum, and Robin Hill, the County Museum Officer invited as speakers. It was found difficult to separate the two aspects under discussion and so at the end of the first year, they were amalgamated to form the Pershore Heritage and History Society.

A preview to the opening of the centre took place on the 7th May 1995 and opened to the public the following morning on the fiftieth anniversary of the Cessation of WW2. At that time only the ground floor of the building was in use, but by the following season, the first floor was also open. However, further work was required to strengthen the floors before the top floor could be used. This reflected the build-up of local archival material as the society went from strength to strength.

Some years later, on the sale of the premises by the Council, the Centre was moved to the top floors of the newly purchased Town Hall in the High Street. In addition we have recently entered into a partnership with Number 8, the Pershore Community Arts Centre, mounting two displays each year in their display cabinets. Much of our recent work is connected with Family History, and a large file is being collated on this subject. While many of our displays are permanent, reflecting the local history of Pershore and District, much of the detailed material is available on file, leaving us room to stage new exhibitions each year.

Therefore, a first visit is most worthwhile and there is usually something new to see so, please, pop along to see us and remember, there is no charge!

A Short History of Pershore History & Heritage Society.

In the late 1980’s a note appeared in the Evesham Journal regarding a meeting to be held at St. Andrews when it was suggested that a local History Society be formed. There was quite a large turn-out and it was decided to go ahead, but ……